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You cannot stop two bogeys from shooting at the fragile posterior of your plane. They are on your tail and you know it. Then, your plane suddenly goes into a fall-spin just as you started planning your evasion tactics. What was it that caused the fall-spin? It was a great number of bullets ripping through one of your wings. You are fumbling with the controller thinking that you need to save yourself from this disaster. However, you just listen to the “Mission Failed” message while you watch your plain breaking apart and hit the water. If you are not an expert flight simulator player, this is a scenario you will see countless times more.

This is a hard game! You will find yourself flying in three types of scenarios: Simulator, Simplified and Realistic. Every shot that hits its intended target is a small victory. It is important to concentrate in order to avoid the dreaded fall-spin. Newbies, you will have to play on Simplified mode, it is the easiest mode of them all. It is really hard to lose control in this mode. However, your satisfaction will be limited due to the tasks growing old, fast.

Birds of Steel is about the conflict between Japan and the U.S. during the 2nd World War. The two campaigns that you can choose from are the Japan perspective and the American Army. Some of the online modes are Death Match, Domination and co-op. The Dynamic Campaign mode will allow you to change history to your liking. It is possible to win battles that were lost or lose the battles that were won. The left control stick determines your flight path and the right stick your acceleration.

Even on the hardest difficulty, you will find that coasting around is easy, some of our heavy-handed brethren may find it a bit difficult as the controls are quite sensitive. The slightest touch could send you into a fall-spin. A deft touch is required for banking and barrel rolls. This game for Xbox 360 is not an easy game to play. You will have to be patient and practice a lot. However, if you become an experienced aviator, you will be able to outmaneuver your enemies with a quick flick while shooting them down, bringing their flight to a dramatic, watery end.

Being able to use new planes every time you level up is one of the coolest things about Birds of Steel. You will gain experience for every enemy killed. Every plain in this looks awesome and there are more than 100 planes to choose from! Even if you use in-cockpit view or third person, you will be amazed at the amazing graphical detail presented in Birds of Steel. Every single detail on the plains look authentic, every cloud, even every crash in the ocean will leave you drooling.

Those who are willing to put in the effort required to learn the ropes of the game will have a blast! Those who prefer sticking to the simplest control mode might be left wanting more of a challenge.

– laredipe2556

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