Sorcery Review: “lives up to grand expectations”

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Sorcery lives up to grand expectations on the Playstation Move

Sorcery has been one of the most anticipated PlayStation move games to ever be released. It is perhaps the most fully integrated action/RPG/real movement game made by any console. Sorcery is undoubtedly a unique little game just by its very structure. Most games that venture into new territory like this usually don’t turn out so well the first go round, but we were unequivocally impressed with just about every aspect of sorcery, even though the game itself might not be for everybody.

Sorcery brings you into a unique world filled with magic, elaborate scenery, puzzles, monsters and evil doers. You start off as “Finn” a young fledgling apprentice who is training under the tutelage of the great sorcerer Dash. We couldn’t help noticing the obvious homage to Goethe’s famous “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” which Disney and Fantasia so famously popularized.

Just like in the poem, when an attempt at magic falters for young Finn, all hell breaks loose. This time, however, it comes in the form of an evil nightmare queen who ends up unleashing her forces upon Finn, and just about everybody else.

You immediately take up the task of saving the world, along with your anthropomorphic cat Erline. The game progresses from there as you gradually build up your skills, learn new spells, and craft new and better potions to help you defeat your increasingly difficult opponents.

Sony has managed to make a game that could have been very complex control wise, into something very simple and fun to use. The camera, your analog movement and your shield are all mapped to your Sixaxis Navigation controller, while everything else is mapped to your move wand. Your basic attack spell is done by repeatedly flicking the move wand at your enemies. You also use it to destroy objects, build things and solve puzzles throughout the game. You can also change spells quickly in the middle of battle by pressing the middle button and then doing a quick gesture on screen.

It takes a while to get the hang of it, like any game, but once you do it can become quite addicting. You start to learn how to strafe, run and aim like a pro, and even gaining the ability to curve your magic in midair. This is quite fun as the ultimate sign of your matrix like wizard mastery is being able to kill your unfortunate enemies from around corners before they even know you are there.

Another uber-feature of this game is the ability to combine spells with your wand for ultimate destruction, such as lightning and ice or fire and wind.

While this game may bear some resemblance to Harry Potter and be directed at a younger audience, it certainly is no cake-walk and provides the more hardcore gamers with a Skyrim-esque experience of building up your character, mastering your magic skills and traversing an open world environment like no other real time movement game currently in existence.

It is also a perfect choice for parents to get their kids, as it provides an engaging and age appropriate challenge without all the bullets and mutilated bodies of SOCOM or Killzone 3.

On the downside the game is not the most fast paced game in the world, and will disappoint users that are expecting to be constantly on their feet, engaged and out of breath like other real time movement games. Another downside of the move venturing deeper into RPG type games is the loss of replayability. This game is a blast while it lasts, and is certainly worth the purchase, but it isn’t infinitely replayable.

Sorcery is proving to be a unanimous success among Move enthusiasts. Its immersive and engaging environments along with an exceptionally unique gameplay experience make this game a must have for Move owners in 2012.

-Prodigy X

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