Ghost Recon Future Soldier: “overall a good game”

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Ghost Recon Future Soldier Changes up the tempo of this legendary series

After much discussion, deliberation, delineation and detoxification, we have come up with a thesis regarding GRFS. The degree to which you will thoroughly enjoy this game will be in direct proportion to how obsessed you were with previous GR franchises.

For fan boys who played GRAW for days on end, years after initial release, you may find GRFS’s dynamic new features a hindrance rather than an endlessly exhilarating new play toy.

For everyone else however, GRFS provides a fast paced, action packed and incredibly in depth experience that most players will love.

The basic campaign outline has remained predominantly the same for GRFS compared to other games. The main difference here being the linearity and focus on team play. No longer can you just go off and do your own thing, Rambo style, like in games past. You will quickly get a “Signal Fading” warning, and then death. This does not affect the game as much as it would seem, and the team-focused aspect is actually quite refreshing throughout most of the campaigns.

The stealth missions in GRFS have grown in depth quite a bit, becoming much more tactical, as have the realistic aspects of being a “Super-Soldier”.

This shows itself in the way GRFS eases you into continually longer “No Respawn” missions, where if you die or botch the objective, you have to replay the whole mission. I found this a welcome addition and by the end of the 10th level was sweating, fearing being caught and having to start all over again.

While stealth plays its part in GRFS, the smash and bang aspect of the campaign is certainly not lost. You can set up your own tactical ambushes, call in drone strikes, and have an endless amount of toys and new technology to play with, such as full on stealth, X-Ray glasses, self-guided bullets, and even EMP devices.

Just playing with these weapons alone in different scenarios is enough to make the campaign quite addicting.

But if you are buying Ghost Recon you are probably not buying it for the 12 hour single player campaign, you are most likely buying it to go online.

And here’s where we found our first disappointment after a pretty stellar single player introduction. Ubisoft has interrupted what would otherwise be smooth playing experience by requiring you to have an online “Pass” in order to play past level 5 online. If you bought the game new, it came with the game. But if you are renting or buying used, it will cost you $10 to play online. I thought this was one of the most ridiculous and cheapest attempts at money grabbing a game maker has ever attempted, despite it being done (stupidly) before.

Anyway, the online play is pretty much what would expect from GR. New players will be enthralled by the mix of gameplay styles, such as “Guerrilla”, a zombie’s type game style where you defend a certain location against hordes of increasingly difficult enemies.

There is also a new focus on objective style gameplay, with “Conflict”, “Decoy”, “Saboteur”, and “Siege”.

Lastly there is “Gunsmith” mode which is perhaps the best new feature to be added to the GR series. It allows you to fully customize and decorate your weapon to suit any play style you can imagine. There are literally millions of combinations, allowing a depth of strategy and tactics that we have never seen before in a shooter.

Of course we would be dismayed if we didn’t mention our disappointment with the lack of matchmaking Co-Op play online. This has always been one of the best features in any shooting game, GR or otherwise, and to take it out from GRAW doesn’t seem to make all that much sense.

Overall a good game though. Worth a try for experienced shooting fans, and definitely worth a buy for new players.

– Prodigy X

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