Sony reveals PS4 console design and pricing

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PS4-screenshots-1Sony has taken the ascendancy in the next-gen console war by announcing the PS4 price, revealing there will be no restrictions on used games and no required online connectivity.

After months of waiting Sony has upped its game by announcing the price of the long awaited PS4, following the announcement of the next-gen Xbox One gamers stood to question the future of Sony and difference between the consoles would be. Gamers finally got their first look at the Sony PS4 console during the company’s keynote at the E3 gaming expo on Monday night.

However, the biggest cheers of the night were reserved for the announcement that the PlayStation 4 will undercut the Xbox One’s lofty price-point. The PS4 will cost £349 ($399, €399) when it is released during “Holiday 2013″ (no concrete release window was announced today). This compares very favourably compared to the Xbox One’s £429 ($399, €399) RRP, which shocked some gamers during the announcement earlier on Monday at Microsoft’s keynote.

Sony’s Jack Tretton, the CEO of PlayStation America said the company “believes in the model people embrace today,” allowing gamers to trade in, sell to another person, lend to friends or keep their purchses forever.

A slight caveat to all of this good news was the downplayed announcement that PS Plus subscriptions will now be paid-only, meaning the end of free online multiplayer on the PlayStation Network. PS Plus subs will span all of the company’s console, but will cost “less than $5 a month” according to Sony.

Sony went to great lengths to point out that the PS4 was for gamers and all about games, previewing a host of new titles that’ll launch with the console or soon thereafter.

Debuting one of 12 brand new IPs from Sony Worldwide Studios coming exclusively to the PS4. From ReadyAtDawn Studios, The Order 1886 places gamers in a technologically advanced 19th century London where gun-carrying, horse-driven soldiers in traditional military dress battle some form of yet-to-be-announced monsters.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer from Square Enix, who’ve now christened the game Final Fantasy XV. The company promised more news throughout the E3 console, but the trailer you can see below, describes the game as “fantasy based on reality” is rather mindblowing.

Trailers for Killzone Shadowfall, DriveClub, and Knack, games, which were announced at the launch event in February and will be available when the console goes on sale. Another of those titles, inFAMOUS: Second Son will come in Q1 2014.

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