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“Evolution” the transformation of man, the transformation of a species. Fitting that Konami would go and put the word slap bang in the middle of the title of their game. But has PES finally “evolved” from being an extra cast member to playing the leading role?

The trailer of PES13 had all the main ingredients a trailer should have. New physics, new features etc. But one feature that caught my eye and I’ve been longing for was the change in the gameplay. PES was always a good game but the problem was, it was only just that. A game. It never captured you, never made you feel like you’re were part of the experience.


In PES13, the game looks and feels as though Konami actually took their good time to develop it. It feels different, players move and run more realistically. Passing and shooting mechanics work better. Tackling has been given a complete overhaul. You now have to jockey and wait for the perfect time to make a tackle. Manual passing is much better and more accurate. Passes that need better direction and power can now be done with a simple tap of the trigger and relevant face button.

“PlayerID” has been brought into the game which focuses on the individual elements and movements that each player boasts making the game more immersive as you can spot all your favourite players just on the way they behave. They could’ve played with theĀ  soundtrack a bit, there’s only about ten songs from recognizable artists on the game and the rest feels like Konami’s idea of “entertainment”. The commentary also, for a lack of a better word “sucks.” It’s unoriginal, bland and unimaginative. There are times when the commentator seems to keep quiet for about 20 seconds (I counted) straight without saying a word; then there are times where he just rants about nothing. The co-commentator adds no opinion or diversity. It’s like he was forced along for the ride. A real let down!


The gameplay, though a massive improvement, lets you down at times. Just when you think Konami has finally figured it out. There are times during the game where the central mid fielders are found in areas where they shouldn’t be. Defensive mid fielders take the term ” defensive” too literally, and sit right on top of the defenders giving you a 6-2-2 formation. Given away a free kick? Well you can put 7+ players in the wall. You can even make a wall
near the halfway line!


Despite these setbacks, PES13 is really a good, enjoyable game! The graphics are sharp and ultra realistic. The players look incredibly like their real life counter parts. Veins and facial expressions can all be easily seen. Sometimes you get caught up in the whole atmospheric feel of the game. Maybe finally Konami has created the gem they so long sought, worthy of the title “legend.”

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