Review: Dead Space 3 “dared to be different”

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The first Dead Space really created something new in the Horror genre in gaming, with its unique gameplay, a really detailed story, scary scenes and just an overall great game! The dark and narrow hallways, checking every corner and air vent for Necromorphs and jumping out of my seat every time something got me by surprise, that is Dead Space!

Dead Space 2 came out in 2011 featuring many improvements over the original. Beefed up guns, better gameplay and a smarter more varied enemy force.  Dead Space 2 was considered, by many, as game of the year.

Forward 2 years and we are spoiled with Dead Space 3. Many fans were concerned about the changes EA had shown. From playing co-op to a more gun-action oriented game. People didn’t want Dead Space to lose its amazing tense vibe.

The story continues from what happened in the second. Isaac is now living back on earth, still haunted by his past and burdened by issues that involve Ellie Langford leaving him because she felt neglected. Isaac is then forced to leave earth, for reason not stated here to avoid spoilers.

dead space 3 review screem3

New to the foray and drama of flying limbs are humans. Normal, actual human beings. These soldiers form part of the church of Unitology, the religion adopted by folks who worship the Markers. This religion also plays host to the main villain Jacob Danik, the leader of the Unitologists. He is deliciously evil, but lacks in depth.

The majority of the game is spent on planet Tau Volantis.

Dead Space 2 changed the way the game played, for the better, from the first. These changes are still present in Dead Space 3 with few alterations. A new thing added is the ability to jump forward, backwards and sideways, great for those situations where an enemy is attacking while reloading and you need a quick second!

The Necromorphs are great in Dead Space 3, they attack at a fast pace and some skilled shooting is needed to take them down. The enemies are tougher, requiring more rounds to kills compared to previous games.  Thankfully they added a weapon crafting system which enables you to craft a gun for every situation. The new Weapon Bench feature has been changed in the new game. The Weapon Bench has a couple of options: weapon crafting, blueprints and weapon upgrades. Through the game you will find weapon parts scattered in certain areas, and also of course resources to build the weapon parts yourself, and if you are lazy you get a little scavenger bot that you can deploy to pick up parts for you. This is also where the widely criticized micro-transaction scheme comes in to play. You can opt to purchase fake world gizmos with real world money, if you are too lazy to scavenge.

dead space 3 review screem12

And then the all-important suits! Dead Space 3 features great suits that awesome upgrades. With the limited edition of the game you get the First Contact Suit and also the Witness Suit, and when you have played the Demo and also have a save game of Mass Effect 3 on your profile you get the awesome N7 suit.

Many fans were concerned about the co-op feature and feared it might ruin the experience. Fortunately these fears were ungrounded.

Dead Space 3’s co-op is perfect. It features everything the single player has to offer but now you don’t have to experience it alone. Why wet your pants alone when you can do it with someone?

dead space 3 review screem1

There are many reason why you will be playing Dead Space 3 after the credits has ended.

Many new game modes have been added that become accessible upon completion of the game. These include Hardcore mode, Classic mode, New Game+ and pure survival. Each mode brings with it its own set of challenges and fun to keep you entertained and stressed.

Dead Space 3 dared to be different and pulled it off in style! This is a must have for fans of the series and at least worth a rent to the pessimists out there.

– by DaxterZA

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